Wrapping up 2022

As we roll into the new year, as a team we’ve been reflecting on what we are proud of and our best moments of 2022. We’ve done a L O T!!

We thought it would be nice to share our best moments and what we are proud of for 2022 with our supporters!

Nicci Dent – CEO: “I’m most proud of the fact that we have been able to fund $1 million of incredible heart research projects: 11 project grants, 3 equipment grants; support for 2 senior scientists and 4 PhD’s. All of which wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors, our passionate staff and dedicated volunteers.” 

Diane van de Merwe – Philanthropy Manager: “My best moment was the morning tea with the researchers event. I loved being able to finally meet our supporters again and hearing directly from our researchers about their latest research.”

Miriam Morgan – Direct Marketing Manager: “I’m proud of seeing our supporters appreciate and engage in the work that we are doing. Over time I have loved congratulating our 160+ prize winners for our Play for Purpose raffles including 30 alone this year.”

Jenny Bartrop – Communications Manager: “I’m proud of being able to reach over 54.5 million people just in digital media alone with our REDFEB 2022 education campaign helping raise much needed awareness of the early warning signs of a heart attack and how they can differ between men and women.  I’m also proud of our Heart Health Club that we are building and how it supports heart patients with my best moment being the webinar I did with Cardiologist Dr Monique Watts and Alison Daddo.” 

Mira Kapali – Business and Finance Officer: “I’m proud that after years of juggling study whilst working I have finally completed my Bachelor in Accounting!!”

Carsten Uth – IT Specialist: “I am most proud of implementing further security measures to keep our IT systems and donor information safe and secure.” 

Kristina Porteous – Fundraising and Marketing Co-ordinator: “I am most proud of being able to personally show my appreciation to each of the donors that reach out to us and share with them how truly grateful we are for each donation whether small or large and how they all help us achieve our research goals.” 

We are so truly grateful for all the amazing support our donors have given to us throughout this year. We are a small team so to have been able to fund the number of research projects we have, has been an incredible highlight for us all, and one that would not have happened without this incredible support.  

A huge thank you to all our donors for trusting us with their vision of a better future for upcoming generations without the burden of heart disease we are currently enduring and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and health and happiness for the new year.

A big thank you from some of our researchers to our generous and loyal donors.