Heart Research Australia is 100% community funded, relying heavily on the generosity and financial support from not only our wonderful community supporters, but also from the corporate sector.

We are incredibly fortunate to work with organisations who share our mission to reduce the devastating impact of heart disease.

Joint collaboration – Bayer Australia and Abbott Australasia

The Heart Research Australia Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional Research Fellowship, partly funded by Bayer Australia and Abbott Australasia involved a 50/50 split between research and clinical work in the catheter laboratory.

Dr Kaleab Asrress was the recipient of the fellowship at Royal North Shore Hospital, from January 2017 to July 2017. As the Interventional Research Fellow, Dr Asrress was the lead investigator in the PACIFIC Study and also provided supervision to three MD students from the University of Sydney working on several projects in the areas of coronary physiology, intravascular imaging and valvular heart disease.  Dr Asrress has recently been appointed as a Staff Specialist in Cardiology and Director of Cardiac Cath Labs at Bankstown Hospital.

Bayer Australia will support two new Interventional PhD students and their research in 2018.


Biotronik Australia

The Heart Research Australia Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship, funded by BIOTRONIK Australia comprises clinical work in cardiac MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and cardiac CT (computed tomography), as well as cardiovascular imaging related research.

Dr Jawad Mazhar was the recipient of the fellowship at Royal North Shore Hospital, from 16 January 2017 to 23 April 2017.

Dr Jawad has provided support as an imaging fellow in the acquisition and reporting of cardiac MRI’s. He has also been working on the following ongoing research projects at Royal North Shore Hospital

  1. Developing a molecular imaging technique to diagnose arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) in a mouse model.
  2. Using gold nanoparticles to target macrophages in atherosclerotic plaque in ApoE knock out mice


Chatswood RSL Club

In 2016 Heart Research Australia received $4,595 from Chatswood RSL Club through the ClubGRANTS scheme, which allows registered clubs in NSW to give back to their local communities.

The grant enables us to co-ordinate a free Heart Health Seminar to share the latest advances in heart research from some of our leading cardiologists, and hear practical advice for living a heart healthy life. Topics included Heart failure: causes, symptoms and breakthrough treatments; Heart Valve Disease, what is it and how can it be treated; and Increased risk of heart attack during bereavement.  Free blood pressure and blood sugar checks were also provided to help identify people at risk of heart disease.


Norths Rugby Club

Heart disease is the No 1 killer of all Australians, killing four times more women than breast cancer and three times more men than prostate cancer. A fact most people are unaware of. That’s why Norths Rugby chose Heart Research Australia as its official community partner – to help raise awareness about the importance of heart health for all Australians and support innovative first-stage research to create more heart survivors.

The partnership began in 2010 with the aim to spread the message that heart research matters, and in doing so, promote Norths mission ‘To better the person, to better the player, to better the Community’.


For further information regarding Corporate Partnerships, please contact us at 02 9436 0056 or email enquiries@heartresearch.com.au