What is Heart Disease

Heart disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions that affect your heart. It is the leading cause of death in Australia.

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How the Heart Works

Your heart is a hollow muscular organ, about the size of your clenched fist. It pumps blood around the body, delivering oxygen to every organ and cell.

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Risk Factors

The more risk factors for coronary heart disease you have, the greater your chance of developing it.

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Heart Conditions

Understanding the impact, and learning about your condition and its treatment, are important steps in managing your heart journey.

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Healthy Eating

Following a healthy diet is one of the most important ways you can reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

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Exercise is an essential part of healthy living, and vital for effective recovery after any cardiac event. Being inactive is a risk factor for heart disease.

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Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

Prevention is the best medicine. 8 in 10 cases of premature heart disease & stroke is preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours. Read below for some simple steps you can follow to stay heart healthyCardiologist Dr Edward Barin has established a wonderful new approach to keeping your heart healthy. He calls it the 4-M approach. Move

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Stress and your Heart

For some people, the diagnosis of a heart condition or living with ongoing health problems may be a continual strain. Managing stress is one element in coping with chronic disease.

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