Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program of exercise and information sessions to help you get back on your feet again after a heart attack, heart surgery or procedure.

Heart Research Australia, in association with Royal North Shore Hospital and North Shore Private Hospital, has created the video below to provide information about what cardiac rehab is and why it is important for eligible patients to participate after a cardiac event.

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To hear Ann Kirkness speak on the Health Ed Podcast about the importance of Cardiac Rehab click below.

How does cardiac rehab help?
Cardiac rehabilitation programs will help you to:

  • understand your condition
  • recover from your surgery, procedure or heart attack
  • make changes to your lifestyle that will help improve your heart health
  • reduce the risk of further heart problems.

Who is cardiac rehab for?
Cardiac rehabilitation is available to anyone who has had:

  • a heart attack
  • a coronary angioplasty
  • heart surgery
  • some people who have angina or heart failure
  • some people who have an ICD implanted.

When do I start cardiac rehabilitation?
Cardiac rehabilitation starts as soon as you go into hospital for heart surgery or treatment, or after you’ve had a heart attack.

A member of the cardiac rehabilitation team will normally visit you on the ward to provide you with information about your condition, the treatment you’ve had and your recovery. This will help you get back to your usual activities as soon as possible.

You should also be invited to join a cardiac rehabilitation program soon after you leave the hospital.

Where’s my nearest cardiac rehabilitation program?
You can find out where your nearest cardiac rehabilitation program is by visiting the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association website for their Program Directory.

In Sydney, the North Shore Cardiovascular Education Centre provides exercise, education and support for people with heart disease, and those recovering from heart surgery or a heart event. Contact them at 02 9463 1704.