Heart Conditions

Learning that you have a heart condition is a major event in your life. It can have a significant effect on you socially, physically and emotionally. 

Understanding the impact, and learning about your condition and its treatment, are important steps in managing the impact – on you, and on your family and friends.

Feelings and Reactions

Like many people, you may have experienced shock, anxiety, grief and other emotions. Your reactions may have taken you by surprise, but rest assured, these feelings are normal. Understanding them will help you and those close to you.

Common feelings include:

  • anxiety and stress about the future
  • confusion over changing roles in the family
  • sense of losing control of your life
  • fear of changes in your lifestyle
  • fear of resuming physical and sexual activity
  • anxiety about work commitments
  • fear of a slow recovery.

You can end up feeling stressed, helpless and depressed. These are normal reactions to a crisis, and the health professionals you deal with understand that you and your family need support and respect.

Heart Conditions