Prof. Gemma Figtree’s Article of the Year 2023

We’re proud to see that Professor Gemma Figtree’s article ‘A Quest for Zero Heart Attacks’ has been named by Scientia as the 2023 Article of the Year.

Hear Research Australia has been supporting Professor Figtree since she was an early career researcher, and we’re thrilled to see the amazing progress she’s made in changing how we study heart disease. Her work is leading us toward a future with fewer heart attacks, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Professor Figtree and her team are using advanced ‘omics’ technology to seek unique biological markers for early detection of heart attacks. Not only are they advancing scientific understanding of Australia’s leading cause of death, heart disease, they are revolutionising heart attack prevention with the ultimate aim of developing novel therapies and accessible diagnostics.

Congratulations, Gemma! Click below to read the article.