Exercising with a heart condition – Safety Tips

If you are managing a heart condition or have recently experienced a heart event, it can be normal to fear starting or returning to an exercise regime.

We know that those who exercise regularly remain healthier than those who don’t, however, returning can still be daunting. It’s important that you work on improving your fitness gradually.

Working with an accredited exercise physiologist and telling them about your condition will help you find the right program for you and help you gradually improve your fitness.

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If you have had a recent heart event it is essential you are enrolled in a Cardiac Rehab program.  If you haven’t been referred to a program contact your local hospital to for a referral.

Below are some safety tips provided the Heart Failure Exercise and Rehabilitation Network to help you navigate your fitness regime.

Safety tips

1. If you have been unwell, return to exercise at a lower level and gently build yourself back up.

2. If you have been in hospital, discuss your exercise program with your doctor or exercise specialist before restarting.

3. Carry a mobile phone if you are walking alone.

4. Exercise with a friend for safety and motivation.

5. If you have angina medicine, keep it with you when exercising.

6. Check with your doctor before swimming or exercising in water.

7. If you see an exercise specialist tell them about any other conditions you may have (such as diabetes, lung disease, atrial fibrillation, and arthritis).

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