APTS (Australian Placental Transfusion Study)

Lead Researcher: Prof Martin Kluckow

The first results of this trial were published in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that delayed cord clamping can reduce mortality in preterm infants and is safe to apply. The follow up of the trial is ongoing and Professor Kluckow and his team will continue to track these families to examine whether this intervention has long term benefits for those premature babies.

This is the definitive trial planned to follow on from the uPDA trial and will be a large multi-centre trial with a similar protocol to the uPDA Trial.

On the basis of the pilot trial supported by Heart Research Australia, Professor Kluckow’s team have planned a much larger trial and applied for funding from the NHMRC, Australia’s peak health research funding body. The protocol for this trial has been presented at several National and International meetings including the PSANZ (Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand).

15 of the major hospitals delivering babies in Australia and New Zealand have expressed an interest in participating in this trial and the trial protocol has been further developed utilizing input from these hospitals.

It is thanks to the support of Heart Research Australia donors that Professor Kluckow is able to continue his work. To help continue this work you can donate here.