What are the implications of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system?

We are so grateful for all the attendees, our ambassador Chris Russell, and our wonderful researchers Professor Ravi Bhindi & Dr Kunwar Bhatia for joining us for tea!

Professor Bhindi and Dr Bhatia are in the process of undertaking a research project to better understand cardiovascular complications in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19.  They chatted to us about their work, initial results they have found and were able to answer some of the questions from our attendees.

If you happened to miss our webinar or wanted to watch it again, grab a cuppa and watch the recording below.

Unfortunately early stage research like this is often unable to go ahead without initial funding and when a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic occurs funding is required urgently.

If you were able to make a donation to help Heart Research Australia fund life-saving research we would be so grateful.

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