The Empty Chair at the Christmas Table

The unfortunate reality, which we are working hard to change, is that there are too many families who will be spending this Christmas without a loved one at their Christmas table.

Grief affects everyone differently and it is important to recognise and understand that.

Grief counsellor Petrea King states: “The key is to set aside time to acknowledge our feelings of grief and to consciously choose how we will spend this time together rather than just hoping that we ‘get through it’.”

As part of the Mamamia ‘No Filter’ podcast, host Mia Freedman chats to grief counsellor Petrea King about how you face the empty chair at the Christmas table. We felt it was an important message to share in the hopes it will ease, even just slightly, some of the pain felt at Christmas if you are missing a loved one.

To listen to this podcast click here.

To read the beautiful story Petrea King wrote for Mamamia click here.

Thank you Mia Freedman and Mamamia for allowing us to share your great work with our supporters.