Professor Geoffrey Tofler has 20 years’ experience as a clinical consultant cardiologist, including 13 years at Harvard Medical School Hospital in Boston.

His expertise is in the prevention of heart disease and management of heart failure. Current research includes triggers for heart attack and the links between bereavement and heart health.


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Latest Research

Cardiovascular risk reduction in bereavement

This world-first study has shown that using common medication in a novel way, can help lower the risk of dying from a ‘broken heart’ during bereavement.

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Smoking Cessation Through Personal Identification

Professor Tofler has been working on a novel approach to smoking cessation, supported by a grant from Heart Research Australia and SPARK innovation award. This work uses video to create a simulated teachable moment and builds on the clinical observation that many smokers can stop smoking once they have experienced a heart attack. The goal

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Patient Directed Discharge Letter

Although patients typically receive excellent care in hospital, the patients often don’t fully understand what happened to them in hospital, and what their follow-up plans need to be.

This is due in part to the rapid and often confusing tests and treatments, as well as the anxiety that people naturally experience.  The discharge letter summarising the events is typically prepared in “medicalese” to be understood by Community doctors, and not by the patients.

A PADDLE letter, prepared and explained, in words that are understandable by the patient and their family, provides an opportunity to improve the communication and prevent the mistakes in care and follow-up that may occur when patients return home.