Dr Bonnitcha is a Chemical Pathology Registrar at RPA hospital and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Northern and Central Clinical Schools in the Medical Faculty. He completed his medical degree at the University of Sydney before undertaking Internship and Residency at RNSH. Prior to this, he completed a PhD at Oxford where he developed imaging agents for hypoxia. His earlier Masters and Honours Projects in the Chemistry Faculty at the University of Sydney were also focused on molecular mechanisms of targeting hypoxia.

Latest Research

Can we use MRI to identify arteries at most risk from plaque formation?

Lead Researcher: Dr Paul Bonnitcha Hardening of the arteries and the formation of fatty plaques lining them are major contributors to strokes, heart attacks and peripheral vascular disease. Currently there is no way of knowing which plaques are most likely to rupture and cause problems. Recent findings indicate that plaque instability may be related to

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