Dr Eveline Staub is a specialist in general paediatrics, neonatology and paediatric intensive care. Dr Staub is currently a consultant neonatologist at Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW, focusing on clinical work with patients and families, researching the development of kidneys after preterm birth and the long-term consequences on blood pressure and renal health and improving enteral nutrition in the youngest patients.


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Latest Research

Prevention of arterial hypertension and cardiovascular disease in premature infants later in life by examining early kidney development.

Dr Staub and Professor Kluckow are investigating hypertension and problems associated with blood vessels in babies currently being born pre-term, to try to understand what is causing these teens and young adults born prematurely to suffer these cardiac risk factors at such a younger age than those born at term.

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Long Term Cardiac Implications in Pre-term Babies

A new study in the Department of Neonatology at Royal North Shore Hospital tracks the development of small blood vessels and blood pressure of premature babies. Over the next three years, approximately 80 preterm and term babies will be followed from birth at different weeks of gestation until age 1. New techniques of ultrasound imaging will be used to trace the blood vessels in the kidneys and aorta, as well as new measurements of blood pressure and kidney function. We hope insights from this study shed light onto the cardiovascular consequences of premature birth. Ultimately, increased knowledge of the contributing factors toward hypertension will help identify the highest risk groups and allow early intervention to prevent later heart disease.

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