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Starting or returning to exercise: Seven easy steps!

Expert guidance from Kieren Payne, Founder and Owner of Altern8 Training in Sydney’s north shore.  Step 1: See your doctor Always consult with your healthcare provider and get their clearance and advice before starting a new exercise regime. Everyone’s health is different, and this ensures your fitness journey suits your unique needs. Step 2: Decide

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Wrapping up 2023

As we roll into the new year, as a team we’ve been reflecting on what we are proud of and our best moments of 2023. We’ve done a L O T!! We thought it would be nice to share our best moments and what we are proud of for 2022 with our supporters! Nicci Dent

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Prof. Gemma Figtree’s Article of the Year 2023

We’re proud to see that Professor Gemma Figtree’s article ‘A Quest for Zero Heart Attacks’ has been named by Scientia as the 2023 Article of the Year. Hear Research Australia has been supporting Professor Figtree since she was an early career researcher, and we’re thrilled to see the amazing progress she’s made in changing how

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Stress, diet and heart disease

By Chloe Steele, our heart health nutritionist.    Heart disease and disorders of the brain are among the leading causes of death in Australia, and recent research has started to find some intriguing links between the two. It has been observed that people suffering from anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder have an

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R Ur Staff OK?

R UR Staff OK?
How can you support staff who have experienced a heart event or heart surgery return to work.

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