Men’s Health Week

28 Australian men die from coronary heart disease every day. 

EVERY DAY.… That’s 28 too many.

There are risk factors for heart disease that you can control and some you can’t. The more risk factors you have for heart disease, the greater your chance of developing it.

To learn more about risk factors click here.

One of the risk factors you can control is being inactive.

For Men’s Health Week, Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) have promoted an Exercise and Men’s Health E-Book which has lots of fantastic content that we wanted to share with you!

If you’ve recently had a heart event or surgery it can be daunting to return to or start an exercise regime. To read our safety tips about exercising with a heart condition click here.

If you wanted to work with an exercise physiologist to help you start an exercise regime you can find one near you here.

Heart Research Australia promotes 4 simple steps to help manage your heart health:

  • MOVE – Keep moving at any age and at any level of fitness.
  • MEALS – Eat intelligently.
  • MEASUREMENT – Keep track of your health measurements.
  • MENTAL APPROACH – Stay optimistic.

To read more about these simple steps click here.

For more information on heart health and how to stay heart healthy visit our Heart Hub here.