Matters of the Heart video series

Learning that you have a heart condition is a major event in your life. It can have a significant effect on you socially, physically and emotionally. Understanding the impact, and learning about your condition and its treatment, are important steps in managing the effects – on you, and on your family and friends.

As part of our new patient engagement program, we are currently producing a series of informational videos, with the aim of providing cardiac patients, their families and the wider community with helpful information.

The series will cover the most common heart procedures, information on the latest cardiac research, personal stories from heart survivors and the importance of rehabilitation. The videos will be available on our website and offered for use in doctor rooms and hospital TV channels.

The first video in the series focuses on Coronary Angiograms, providing in-depth information about what coronary heart disease is, as well as the process of having an angiogram, the risks associated with it, as well as hearing first-hand of the entire experience from someone who underwent the procedure.

Other topics in the series will include; aortic valve replacement, diagnostic electrophysiology study, device therapy for arrhythmia and pacemakers, what is a heart attack, all about coronary artery bypass and the importance of cardiac rehabilitation.

To watch the Coronary Angiogram video click the box below, or visit to learn more about the Angiogram procedure.