Would you know what to do if someone was having a heart attack?

Knowing the signs and symptoms and having an action plan could save you or a loved one.

The Heart Smart Pocket Guide is designed to fit in your wallet, pocket, or any other handy spot, as a guide to heart attack symptoms and the recommended response in case of a possible emergency. By knowing and recognising the symptoms of a heart attack, you could help save someone’s life – maybe even your own.

A heart attack occurs when the narrowing of the artery becomes completely blocked causing the heart muscle beyond the blockage to become starved of oxygen. And, despite terrific medical advances, heart disease is still the number one killer of Australians with:

  • One Australian having a heart attack every 9 minutes, and
  • The number of healthy, fit people having unexplained heart attacks is on the rise – from 11% to 27%* in the last decade. (Royal North Shore Hospital*)

Research to find answers is the key.

Heart Research Australia supports research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and our goal is to reduce the devastating impact heart disease has on families and the community.

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