This life-saving research could potentially help cancer patients and protect their hearts.

Heart Research Australia funds ‘first-stage’, meaning it is an idea or project in its infancy that needs funding so it can be explored and developed further. We help researchers progress their work to a point where it becomes eligible for clinical trials.

One such first-stage project is being led by our Chair of Cardiology, Professor Helge Rasmussen, and co-investigated by Dr Chia-chi Liu.

While there is still much work to be done, this project has the incredible potential to make some cancer treatments more effective, and to potentially reduce the risk of treatment-induced heart failure.

Currently, a commonly used group of cancer treatment drugs called ‘anthracyclines’, which includes the common drug Doxorubicin, are very effective, but they unfortunately can have nasty side effects, including heart damage and heart failure.

Heart failure is an extremely debilitating condition, and sadly, the prognosis for patients is appalling.

However, Professor Rasmussen and his team have developed a peptide (a small protein-like substance) which when applied to some cancer cells, has the potential to make the cancer cells more responsive to the treatment and potentially eliminate the risk of developing heart failure.

While Helge is cautiously optimistic, he does acknowledge that this research not only has the potential to reduce damage to the heart, it could also lead to a cure for some cancers.

But we need your help.

You see, until Helge and his team have done many more tests and gathered much more evidence, this project won’t attract government funding or private investment. This means they are reliant on community and charity funding to help progress their research.

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