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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia

Heart attacks can happen to anyone, at any time.

Keith Broadfoot was 35 years old, the fittest he’d ever been and was training for an ironman at the time of his heart attack.

Every hour a fit and healthy person has a heart attack. Around a quarter of heart attack patients at Royal North Shore hospital present with little or no risk factors.

You can help us find much needed answers by supporting vital research projects such as BioHEART.

Help us find the answers

BioHEART is a comprehensive research project underway to provide much needed answers to the questions:

  • Why are these people having heart attacks?
  • What markers should a frontline GP look and test for?
  • Can we develop a simple test to determine the build up of calcium in the arteries?
Professor Gemma Figtree, head of the BioHEART project, with her patient Keith Broadfoot who had a “Why me Doc?” heart attack at 35 years of age.

Headed up by Professor Gemma Figtree the team includes cardiologists, nursing staff, clinicians and radiologists who are all working together to approach the problem from all angles to find answers. They have established a BioBank of medical data from blood samples donated by heart attack patients and those at risk of a heart attack. This allows the team to compare the disease in people with risk factors and those without, by comparing markers (genomic, metabolomic, inflammatory), to find answers to these life-saving questions.