Will you be the lucky one this Christmas? 

Matt & Clancy embrace a new life together.

Looking at this gorgeous photo of Matt and his new baby, Clancy – you’d say he’s a lucky man. And you would be right, but probably not for the reason you think. Four years ago, at only 40, Matt had a heart attack while on his run to work. It was a high blockage – one that would usually be fatal. An attack known as a “widowmaker”. But Matt is still with us today and preparing for Christmas with his wife and beautiful, new baby boy.   

Matt didn’t know it, but he was one of the lucky ones. One of the 20% of people who can grow new arteries.  

That’s right – after a heart attack their body grows new arteries to supply oxygen, blood and nutrients to the heart to keep it going.   

Yes, it does sound like a Sci – fi movie – but fortunately for all of us it is a reality.  

Fortunately, because in theory, all of us may have this power within us. Because we are all born with the scaffolding to grow these new arteries (or collaterals, as they are known).  

This Christmas please donate to Heart Research, so we can try to unlock the secrets to this and other life-saving research.

In fact, those of us who can grow collaterals are 70% less likely to die following a heart attack, experience less long-term damage to our hearts and are more likely to go home sooner.  

Wouldn’t you want this for your loved ones?   

Dr Usaid Allahwala, a Clinical Cardiologist at Royal North Shore Hospital and his team do. They don’t believe surviving a heart attack and maintaining a good quality of life should be down to luck. It should be something we can all aspire to - which is why this research is so key.    

Dr Allahwala, was inspired to unlock this secret. He’s researching why, if we are all born with the scaffold to grow new collaterals, are only 20% of people able to stimulate this growth? By gathering data from patients like Matt, who are able to grow collaterals he is looking at identifying the triggers and mechanisms which may be used to stimulate their growth.   

This Christmas, could you please donate to research like Dr Allahwala’s, which could ensure that we keep our loved ones with us for many more Christmases?

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Because, if you or one of your loved ones were to suffer a heart attack wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that medical research had unlocked the secret to stimulating your body to repair itself?  

Thank you and wishing you a Merry Christmas. 

If you would like to read more about Dr Allahwala’s amazing research click here.